Aligned Motherhood: 8 Week Course


Find Your Balance as a Highly Sensitive Parent


You adore your baby. You delight in your children. But holy moly, young kids are exhausting. ​The relentless demands, noise, mess, sleep disruptions, whining, touching, talking, and always needing MORE: sometimes parenthood feels totally at odds with your sensitive nature. 

It's like there are two versions of you: the well-rested, recharged mom who is energetic, confident, and fully engaged in the joys (and the challenges) of raising kids. 


The other version... she's the tired, depleted, overstimulated mom who just wants to hide in the bathroom and is literally going to lose her mind if someone asks her for one more thing. She desperately needs time away from her kids yet feels terribly guilty about it. She's irritable and exhausted and worried that she just isn't cut out for this job. 

Sound familiar? Then this course is for you, mama.

Every aspect of this program is specially designed for highly sensitive parents - it moves at a gentler pace, with carefully planned opportunities for reflection and implementation. In the Aligned Motherhood course, we'll cover 8 core elements of creating a healthier, balanced approach to parenting.

Here's what we'll cover:

Week 1: Discover Your Strengths

Week 2: Create Your Vision

Week 3: Fill Your Own Cup

Week 4: Stress Management 101

Week 5: Present Mama, Peaceful Kids

Week 6: Coping with Big Emotions

Week 7: Get on the Same Team

Week 8: Find Your People

Here's how it works: 

  • 8 private coaching calls to cover each core element of Aligned Motherhood, where we'll dive deep to identify what you want to change and develop a strategic plan to achieve those goals

  • Email support between coaching calls, including a summary of each call & action steps to implement each week

  • Private Facebook group to connect with other Aligned Mamas

Cost & Payment Options:

  • Option 1: Eight weekly payments of $140.00 ($1,120.00 total)

  • Option 2: Two payments of $520.00 ($1,040.00 total)

  • Option 3: One-time payment of $960.00

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