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The Aligned HSP

Helping spirited, sensitive people live in alignment
with their strengths & values

Hey there!

You have no idea how excited I am that you're here! I absolutely love working with highly sensitive people like you. Your curiosity, depth, perceptiveness, insight, and constant striving to DO better and BE better - these traits thrill my soul and jazz me up like nothing else.

Other people don't always appreciate these qualities of yours. Hell, sometimes you exhaust yourself. Nothing escapes your attention, you put an enormous amount of thought into every.single.decision., and it's hard for you to relax your standards.


Maybe you've been told that you're a perfectionist, that you're too anal or picky, or that you're too sensitive about things. And it's true - you spend a lot of time feeling worn out and irritable. You wish you could turn your brain off or learn to let things slide.


You get overwhelmed and overstimulated more easily than other people, and sometimes it feels like the world is too loud, too busy, and just too much.


However... when you're well-rested and energized, you have such passion, enthusiasm, and joy for life. You have so much empathy and compassion. You're creative and resourceful and vibrant, and you're an incredible partner, mother, employee, and friend when you're "on." 

Here's the kicker: the traits that make you amazing are the same ones that wear you down so quickly. (Womp womp!) This is the double-edged sword of being highly sensitive. Feeling and thinking and noticing so deeply - being so attuned to our environments - takes energy. When we don't understand our limits or honor our needs, we don't have the resources to tap into our strengths. 

The good news?

You can learn to live in alignment with your sensitivity. 

By gaining insight into your unique personality, discovering the values that give your life meaning and purpose, and creating boundaries and structure to support your needs, you can bring your life into alignment with your authentic self and unlock the amazing potential already within you. 

This is why I love working with people like you. Seeing your eyes light up as you finally understand why your brain works the way it does. Seeing the weight visibly lift from your shoulders as you realize, "There's nothing wrong with me, and I'm not alone in feeling this way." Seeing you come to life as you start working with your sensitivity rather than constantly fighting against it. 

I get to see the clouds break. I get to see you transform from black-and-white to full, living color. It's a really beautiful thing. 

It's an honor to come alongside you in this journey. I'm here whenever you're ready to get started. 



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You're one-of-a-kind. 

Your coaching plan should be too. 

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Aligned Motherhood:  An 8 Week Course to Find Your Balance as a Highly Sensitive Parent 

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Don’t ask yourself what the world needs;

ask yourself what makes you come alive.

And then go and do that.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman